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> The Firm

Geoff Keddy and Associates is an Atlantic Canadian architectural firm specializing in commercial and residential architecture. The firm's focus on progressive interior design has inspired their award-winning innovation in building forms and creative decor since 1985..

> The Work

Projects undertaken by Geoff Keddy and Associates range in scope from modest home renovations to large commercial complexes. In particular, the firm specializes in the design of new homes. The firm's architects and designers take pride in exceeding the clients' expectations while serving as the primary consultants from project conception through to final construction and client acceptance. A comprehensive list of projects can be found at,

> Recognition

The work of Geoff Keddy and Associates has received considerable industry recognition. Most recently, the firm's work was honoured at the HRM Capital District Urban Design Awards (People's Choice Award, Award of Excellence for Elements & Amenities) and was featured in "Homes" magazine, "Canadian Builders Quarterly" as well as on CBC Television's "Living East".

> Architecture & Design

Whatever the size of your architectural project or budget, we'll be able to help. Stop dreaming of your architectural project, and let us help you bring it to life.